Upright Lad Blues

Once again

My man ain’t home

One more night

Wishing he was around

One more night my smile is

Nowhere to be found

Once again

My baby ain’t home

One more night

I’m craving his news

Heat up his dinner

While fancying my blues

He’s been gone for hours

But for me, time just stands still

When he gets home, no point

Asking where he’s been

I know I’m my

Man’s undying thrill

Once again

My man ain’t home

But he ain’t drinking

Or fooling around

Cause he’s the kind of guy

That makes me dare to be


Breaking his back

Trying his best

Lord, I don’t mean to brag

But he’s the kind of lad

I ain’t afraid to find

In my best friend’s bed

He’ll be home by midnight

Surely tired, maybe sad

And I just wish

He never had to leave

So we could melt ourselves

In kisses instead

Once again

The man ain’t home

But my guy

Would never do no wrong

He turns the blues

Into a joyful, cheerful, sunny,

Breezy, upbeat, merry,

Happy, free and easy tune


Lyrics by Tetel Di Babuya, published by Larador Music, Inc.