Mea Culpa

Hey, baby

We talked all night

No conclusions were drawn

At least I gave myself the chance

To turn my regret into song

You might say

“Hey, baby, how can the bossa nova

Mend out home?”

Have some faith in my mother tongue

It does wonders with the right rhythm on

Oh, meu amor                                     Oh, my love

Podes acreditar em mim                     You know you can believe in me

Nada mais de meninice                      I won’t be childish anymore

Te prometo que cresci                         I’ll soon grow up, you’ll see

Oh, meu amor                                       Oh, my love

Lembras o quanto eu padeci?             Remember how I agonized

Quanto pranto arrependido                 The tears made me realize

Do remorso eu floresci                        That I can’t stand the lies

Resumindo o mea culpa

Sorry, pardon, me desculpa

Eu errei, confesso

Tenha dó de mim

To sum up this mea culpa                   I guess it was mea culpa

Beg your pardon, sinto muito             Beg your pardon, me desculpa

I’ve done wrong, forgive me              Mea culpa was short-lived

Je regrette, my dear                            Maybe soon you can forgive


Lyrics by Tetel Di Babuya, published by Larador Music, Inc.