By Tetel Di Babuya (Singer – Songwriter – Violinist)

Baking a cake one day when I was a teenager, I went to my computer to put on some music. I thought I would finally give a listen to this woman called Ella Fitzgerald. The first album recommended by the search I did was the iconic (but completely unknown to me) Ella and Louis.

Of course, I had already heard of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong but I must confess my ignorance and admit I had never heard their music. So I pressed play…and the world was suddenly made of rainbows and vanilla. I’ll never forget that feeling, what a combination of voices, players, style, compositions, arrangements, production, etc. They made my heart want to sing.

To this day I have no idea how the baking turned out, but this album stands firmly as my favorite recording along with, of course, Ella and Louis Again.