Hello, Hon

All I did today

Was think of you

I lost my sense of self

Forgot to pay the bills

I couldn’t text my sweetheart

But his words were on my mind

Rambling “Hello Hon, sweet lady,

Please drive safely.

I had to send

My sad old self to sleep

No dessert allowed

For a weeping mess like me

I lost my train of thought

My car keys…I’ve got to get a grip!

What I cannot stand to lose

Is your mouthwatering lips

All I did today

Was reminisce about you

Dishes dirty, work undone

Even singing isn’t fun

I had to write down

This small disheartening tune

I cannot improvise

The simplest song without you

But surely, by the time

This final verse is done

You’ll be on our doorstep

Waving “Hello, Hon

You’ll be on our doorstep

Waving “Hello, Hon

Lyrics by Tetel Di Babuya, published by Larador Music, Inc.