For One Man Only

For one man only

I say farewell to my pride

Kiss my stubborn ego goodbye

Gladly crawl towards his side

For one man only

I don’t mind not being right

I can’t stand myself without him

Can’t wait ‘til my man and I


Sometimes he’s moody

But mostly he is sweet

I exist because he wants me to be


Sometimes he’s not the man

I know that he can be

Cause of him the world makes

Sense to me

Cause of him and only him

For one man only

I changed my plans and point of view

If the man’s done wrong

Don’t tell me

Don’t believe you, never will

It ain’t true

Sometimes he’s cross with me

But tenderness I see

I am positively spellbound

For to me, my man, that one man only

Makes the world go round

And round, and round,

And round, and round


Lyrics by Tetel Di Babuya, published by Larador Music, Inc.