By Tetel Di Babuya (Singer – Songwriter – Violinist)

Like everyone around the planet, I’ve been struggling with emotional issues brought up by the pandemic: fear, gratitude, anxiety, depression, frustration, so on and so forth. From this short list, it’s obvious that negative emotions outweigh the positive ones and that’s no surprise; it’s been a heck of a couple of years.

As a musician, I’ve been used to not having free days for so long that the pandemic was a welcome unwelcome circumstance, only because I was in a denial sort of trance. When it began to get bigger and bigger in Brazil, and the gravity of it all started to sink in, so did the gloom and the desperation.

Like everyone around the planet who survived this disease, I managed, with time, to find the hope and hold on to it with my arms, legs and teeth. I used the “free” time to write new songs, practice, clean the house, spend time with my husband and cats, zoom with loved ones to check in and fight loneliness, reevaluate my priorities and get to know myself better.

These days I still wonder “When will this be over? Will life ever get back on track?” Then, like everyone on the planet fortunate to be alive and healthy, I count my blessings, stop complaining and go get things done, like writing this post.